So I’ve realized that I post pictures left, right and center about everyone and everything else…and there isn’t a single one of me on here…. 

There are a few reasons… 

1- I haven’t yet lost 100% of the baby weight…yet….. 

2- I’m usually the one taking the pictures and rarely remember to jump in front of the camera… 

3- I haven’t thought to post any! 



This was the back in the beginning of Mink & Manure (with my girl Jenn).

(I’m in blue.)





Halloween ’08 with my daughter! 

 And yes, she’s wearing makeup…..

…it was Halloween!

Ok…..ok……I was looking for an excuse to put mascara on her….


This was around age 21 and back in the days of riding for the Calgary Stampede…. 


Oh, he’s cute…..

(my husband….just thought I’d through this one in for fun!)





And this is pregnant with my son this past fall…. 


I love to hear what you think!!!

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