Look of the week ~ Jessica Simpson

 This week’s “Look” is again….Jessica….I adore her style/stylist….

Super-cute “sunnies” just in time for the spring sunshine!!!

I would LOVE to own a leather jacket….and really, now is the time to buy…all the huge sales are on right now!


This tee is cute and cheap and green…just in time for St.Patrick’s Day!!

Again with the Vuitton!!!

CUTE…CUTE…CUTE….jeans from Mink & Manure!

Now for shoes….I can’t tell what she’s wearing, but being that she’s only 5’…I’ll bet they’re heels…

I’m a little bit country…so I’d go with this…


P.S. I’m planning to just post “Looks” all week…AND they will all be of Jessica…see, I really do love her style..er..stylist!

6 responses to “Look of the week ~ Jessica Simpson”

  1. I LOVE HER CAT!!! (especially in that pic !!…) Look forward to your posts this coming week.

    love apes!

    p.s. running is running – who gives a whoot!.. i dont!

    1. HELLO!!!
      Thanks for the comment and I’m having fun with these posts!!
      Love me!
      PS when are we going running?!?

  2. I really want a leather coat too. I might be spending some of my borthday money on one. I am just so picky. It’s got to be perfect. And don’t forget it’s National Ag Week, so that green shirt will work great for that too. Can’t wait to see rest of the looks this week.


    1. That’s right about Ag week….good point! And good luck on the leather jacket search!!! Let me know how it goes!!!

  3. Wow that is a cute look! I have never heard of Mink & Manure, but those jeans are amazing .. thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! Mink & Manure is a company that I started with my friend and that she now owns….they have FAB stuff!! And isn’t Jessica’s style amazing?!?!

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