Look of the Week

“Look” of the Week

This week’s look is  Jessica Simpson…

I really like her style…  

…her music, not so much… Sunglass style is a  personal choice…these are cute…

But I also like el-cheapo from Superstore…LOVE Joe Fresh!

Sunglasses by BCBG

You might have noticed that I use the Gap and Banana Republic repeatedly…

There are 2 reasons…  

1st…they have lovely LONG jeans…so hard to find…  

and 2nd…because they are reasonably priced and do basics REALLY well.  

Blouse from Banana Republic
Sweater by Banana Republic

Gap's Always Skinny Jean

Mid-Rise Skinny Indigo Jean by Gap

  Now for boots, you could go 2 ways…


Boots by Ninewest

Or Country…

Boots by Twisted X

And of course…we would all love her purse…

Louis Vuitton Purse

And my does this girl like her Louis Vuitton…


   But who can blame her!


2 thoughts on ““Look” of the Week

  1. So… I just spent my entire break looking through your “looks of the week”… to find the pictures of these boots to say this:

    I tried on similar boots the other weekend when DG and I were @ Frontier Western Shop in Clarsholm. I loved them sooo much (no way I’d spend that kind of money on boots…at this point in my life), but I also thought that I would never want to cover up the gorgeous detailing at the top… but now I have my jeggings… Thought I’d say that word again… jeggings- I thought they were ridiculous, but now I own some (go ahead, click that “dislike” button now!).

    These boots+Jeggings= Match made in heavan

    My break is over now…

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