Deer Heads in the Kitchen?

Have I mentioned that I love “The Pioneer Woman“…Ree Drummond?!?

If you have no idea who I am talking about, the short version is…she’s a mom of 4, rancher’s wife and a blogger. She has a site “The Pioneer Woman” that she started about three years ago and is now raking in just under a million a year from it….The advertising space on it sells for big bucks because she gets like tens of thousands of readers everyday! Craziness….

Anyways, I discovered her before Christmas and spent an afternoon reading her archives about their renovation of a guest house on their ranch…they basically gutted the entire thing and started over.

I now am itching to reno…..the style of the house is gorgeous and I want it! The first thing that caught my eye was the kitchen…


I love this kitchen not because I am a chef by any stretch of the imagination, but because I adore the open concept and think the deer heads are fantastic. My husband on the other hand, disagrees…

He can’t imagine why anyone would hang deer heads in a kitchen…that aren’t real.

“Why would you spend money on wood deer heads when you won’t let me hang my trophy ones in the house?!?”

Hmmmm…he’s got me there…ok, so no deer heads…

But can I have the rock wall and cement countertops?

8 responses to “Deer Heads in the Kitchen?”

  1. wow I just started my first blog and the topic was about how awesome deer heads are these days lol!!!

    1. I will totally be checking out your site and aren’t deer fabulous?!?!

  2. A friend from Japan gave me 4 beautiful Japanese Sika Deer Antlers and I am still convincing my wife that its okay to decorate antlers from dead deers 🙂

    1. Show her all my antler idea posts!! I’m sure you’ll be able to convince her!!!! (good luck!)

      1. You bet. I posted the link to my youtube channel that shows the sika deer trophies on my avatar and wallpaper. There is something enchanting about deer antlers.

  3. It took me a while to figure out how they could afford the new lodge. Then I saw how much it is to advertise on her blog. Wow, the reno is incredible, I’d love to recreate a lot of aspects of Ree’s lodge!

  4. I’m a big fan, too … love the deer. My husband made similar comments. So I didn’t spend money on fake deer, but my kitchen is overflowing with real deer trail bologna. Luckily, no real deer heads hanging on my kitchen walls … yet.

    1. I hear you with the deer meat! Our freezer recently aquired 200lbs (not really) of deer summer sausage!

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