Great Idea…

I recently saw a “How To” article in February’s Martha Stewart about making a necklace from vintage broaches….GORGEOUS!!! The concept is soooo simple and yet the result is so classically beautiful and very in style right now. Super cute over a white tee and jeans or since it’s STILL snowing here, a black turtleneck. I mentally have made a plan to build one of these necklaces ASAP…Can’t post the article at this point…I guess they want to sell magazines!

Then, while out bridesmaid dress shopping, we came across a necklace from Aldo…it is exactly the same idea for $20.00!!  Amazing price and gorgeous…

(I can’t post a picture…but here’s the link)

THEN my sister emailed me this…

She made this!

Now I HAVE to have one!

I love to hear what you think!!!

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