About 4 months ago I got these pillows from Pottery Barn and everytime I look at them I smile…

I discovered them in the spring and fell in love (you might have noticed that I do that alot!), but at the time the price tag kept me from purchasing. I drifted in and out of the store over the following months and kept an eye on my babies. Then lo and behold the day finally came that they went on sale!!!!!

Oh joyous day!

I pondered over what shape and how many and finally bought four…What I couldn’t do however, was pay an arm and a leg for the inserts….As much as I ADORE Pottery Barn, I will admit that they get you coming and going. The pillowcases were on sale but the inserts most certainly were not…so I drifted into my local Walmart and bought 2 $15.00 pillows and 2 bags of quilting fluff. I simply stuffed my new treasures with the cheap solutions and saved myself around $150.00!

The colors are gorgeous and they are made of New Zealand wool…pretty & durable….love!

One response to “Happiness…”

  1. SALE, doesn’t that word just light up anyone’s day. The pillows are awesome. I have a leather couch like yours and might need to find something like your pillows for a pop of color.


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