Filthy Farmgirl Soap

Isn’t that the best name ever?!?!!?

I found this fantastic company back in my Mink & Manure days and have loved them ever since. The soaps are great…so great in fact that our hired hand commented on them. Trust me, this is a major deal…he’s 16 and a boy…can’t get a tougher crowd than that!

The “Live Nakedly” concept has to do with their pledge to be natural and eco-friendly. Their labels are on 100% recycled paper, they use no detergents, surfactants, sulfates, artificial scents, colorizers, or petroleum products of any kind, and their recipes are 100% natural…the ingredients are either grown by them or bought locally.

My favorite is Loopy Lavender and I’m planning on getting Lucky Ducky Lemon Drop next…they will also send out free samples for you to smell and try out.You can get the soaps from the website Filthy FarmgirlOR through my girl Jenn’s company Mink & Manure…check out her site and either give her a call or email her!

So lather up all you filthy farmgirls and enjoy!!

I love to hear what you think!!!

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