I fall in love so easily.

Forever and a day now, I have loved Double D Ranchwear. I have yet to actually buy anything from them, pregnancies keep getting in the way. But I adore their clothes. My new favorite is…are you ready?!? A t-shirt.


I could see this under a cute jacket, on it’s own with jeans or under a hot pink cardigan….love….

4 responses to “I fall in love so easily.”

  1. Dear Ms. Trophy Wife, you have your very own Michelle’s Necklace tee on its way! All we ask is to see pics when you get it!
    Enjoy and thanks for the post.
    Blessings from Yoakum,


    PS: check out Double Talk, Double D Ranch’s official blog. Lot’s of fun info and free tees given away.

      1. Hi Ms. Trophy Wife,
        My name is Doris. I work for Cheryl here at Double D. Please let me know what size you will be needing in the Michelle’s Necklace Tee and also the address where to mail the tee once it arrives.

      2. Hi! I’ll email the info right now!

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