Little Miss Marathon

Sooooo…my friend H pointed out something…

Apparently, when I said marathon in my resolutions, I was committing to one of those YOU HAVE GOT TO BE CRAZY 41km type things….

Ummmm…I retract my resolution…or rather modify it a titch…

A 5km run was more along what I was thinking…or 10km… I feel better…happy now H?!

One response to “Little Miss Marathon”

  1. Interesting post Cathryn! Congrats on having this resolution. I personally don’t prefer to “run” – however I witness a marathon going on in Las Vegas last month. There was SO much diversity in the participants – including lots of walkers that did the half marathon. I am “entertaining” the idea of getting into shape to challenge this first before even attempting to run! Good luck – I admire that you just realigned the goal not eliminated Cathryn.

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