Thank you?

I’m sitting here trying to write thank you notes to all the wonderful staff at the PLC for taking care of my baby…how do you put into words that what they said and did meant the world?

Thank you isn’t enough…it isn’t nearly enough.

I recently read that book that everyone is talking about “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch…sooo good..there is a reason why people are talking!

And in it at one point he’s talking about his premature son and the staff that took care of him. I cried. He put into words exactly what we felt… “…they did a wonderful job of simultaneously communicating two dissonant things. In so many words, they told parents that 1)Your child is special and we understand that his medical needs are unique, and 2) Don’t worry, we’ve had a million babies like yours come through here.”

That was it…that’s exactly how we felt.

We wanted to know that they knew that they were taking care of our whole world and yet, wanted to know that they’ve seen this a million times and it was just a routine day for them.

How do you say thanks for that?

One response to “Thank you?”

  1. I think you just did! 🙂

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