What I didn`t get for Christmas…

I crave these boots….


I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want these boots…

Is it breaking my resolution of budget/saving money if I buy them? I love these boots, they are by Twisted X and I already own a pair and I love them….have I mentioned that I love them?

These are the ones I already have…

and they were super comfortable right off the bat. There wasn’t that initial breaking in period, not to mention that they look HOT! Twisted X has a great website that is super easy to navigate and they have a ton of different styles to suit just about everyone. I picked my boots up at Giddy-Up Western Wear out in Airdrie and they can order in pretty much any pair in any size that you want. The only thing that would make me nervous is the sizing…I am a “try before you buy” type of girl.

What I LOVE about these boots is the top…how cute is that? You could wear these with jeans or a skirt. Love it! Not to mention the flower design…and the colors…ok…I’m obsessed…Help!

5 responses to “What I didn`t get for Christmas…”

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  3. These are awesome Cathryn!! I trust you’ll stash away a bit of money & splurge one day – you deserve it for being Super Mom 😉

    1. That’s the plan!! Thanks Robyn!

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