My New Year’s Resolutions….

This should be titled, “The things I want to do this year but probably won’t”…’Cause I should be honest with you and myself…I do have a newborn…and a 2 year old…and a big house that should be cleaned much more often…and a busy husband who, for some reason, likes having clean socks and underwear everyday…

But just incase I DO manage to meet my resolutions, this is my plan! A long, long, long time ago I kept a journal (this was pre married and pre kids…LOADS of time on my hands!). And in this journal I wrote out a long list of things I want to do in this lifetime…and I mean big ambitious things! Like climb a mountain (#25), own a pair of Manolo shoes (#50), travel to Italy (#47), learn to surf (#27)…etc. I’ve been adding to it over the years and things actually have been crossed off as I have accomplished them…the surfing one (!), traveling to Australia and New Zealand, lying on a hot, tropical beach…and so on…

Anyways, the point of this ramble is that I am going to try to accomplish AT LEAST 3 things off that long list this year. I’ve picked this goal for two reasons, 1- it’ll be fun and 2- I need to remind myself often this year that I’m more than just a mommy, wife, a maid, and chef….of course my family already knows this and remind me this everyday, but I need to remind myself once in a while. It’s an important thing to do…it’ll keep me sane through the every 2 hour feedings and make me feel like me. That is a strange sentence, but anyone who’s been a new mom can relate…it’s easy to lose yourself when there is so much demand on your time and energy and as my wonderfully wise mom once  said “You’ll be a better mom to your kids if you have your own life too.”.

So, wish me luck in my adventures (although I doubt this year’s 3 things will be that outrageous or adventurous) and I’ll keep you updated on which ones I pick and how it works out!!

I love to hear what you think!!!

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